Portal Button. Elongated rectangle. Rings of colored light emanate from the center. Inset on the left, a square with the Storyfeather feather logo, a feather quill shaped like the letter "f" with a drop of ink hovering below its tip. Lying above the logo are two more logo squares, but they are tilted and angled in different directions, and they're translucent. To the right of the image, the word "Fusion." At top right, the word "Year." Below "Year," the numeral "10."


Every year’s short stories (mostly) follow a theme. For Year Ten, every month’s stories share a genre or theme, some anchor point that the reader can rely on. But within that, there are strange concoctions brewing. The genre’s merge, archetypes collide, mythologies mash…welcome to the Year of Fusion.. 

Welcome to the tenth year of Storyfeather.

Below are the titles, primary genres, and taglines for each story in the order it was originally posted.

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Digital drawing. Two girls with fangs wearing letterman jackets and sitting on a bench. The words "Girls With Fang Club" are visible on the left side of one girl’s jacket. The words are partially obscured on the other girl’s jacket. The girl at right has a pale purple complexion and two incisor fangs protruding from her closed smiling mouth. She's sitting with her wrists resting on her knees, and she looks to the left at the other girl. The girl at left has a pale green complexion and a mouth full of small pointy fangs visible in her open-mouthed smile. She has her hands in her pockets. Her head rests on the other girl's shoulder. She looks up at the other girl. Behind them, the colors of the sky indicate that the sun is just setting.

When students in their school mysteriously drop into comas, three members of an academic and service club investigate a potential supernatural cause.


Two people, facing forward and floating. At left a human woman with short hair, left arm held out and right hand poised to grip or brace against the ceiling above. At right, a humanoid man with three sets are arms, a lavender tongue, tapered ears, and thick wavy hair. His left arms are braced against the ceiling and wall. In one hand he holds a small device. They are both wearing the same drably colored clothes, though the woman has a bright shirt just visible below her collar. Bright orange lights glow above them and reflect down on them. A bright light appears behind them, dimming at the margins. Both people hold their mouths open and their eyes slightly wide.

When an accident leaves two colleagues stranded in their vessel in an unfamiliar region of space, they call for help, but find they must rely on each other in the end…whatever end that might be.


Digital drawing. Within a translucent dome, there stand four towers. Three are clustered at center and one stands apart at left. Pipes or conduits branch off into the ground from the base of each tower, just visible below the uneven ground. At bottom right in the distance are structures under the dome that glow under hazy light from a comet that streaks by, its head at left, and its tail grazing the dome.

Disaster strikes a mining asteroid, where workers use and study a unique bacteria that helps produce a valuable ore needed for interstellar travel.


Digital drawing. Six figures gathered around a large pot at bottom center. From left to right, a young man with a dark beard, long hair, and one arm, holding a wand directed at the pot, and smiling to his left; a small humanoid figure floating in a space suit with gauzy butterfly wings, pouring a shaker of salt down into the pot; a humanoid figure with tapered ears, one bearing three rings, gaping down at the pot; a small blue ball with three long limbs visible, and large round eyes, holding a chunk of food over the pot; a dragon with a toad-like face, half the height of the tallest figures, with one clawed hand on the tabletop in front of some mushrooms; and another dragon, as tall as the tallest figures, seen from the left side, holding a package in the left arm. The young man is a wizard and the humanoid man is an elf. They both wear chef’s hats in different colors. The elf wears an apron. On the tabletop is a canister, a polygonal box, a bag spilling some beans, some spiral-shaped objects and mushrooms. The young man and the tall dragon are smiling. Blue foam drips over the edge of the pot in two places. A wispy sparkly cloud streams out of the wand and around the pot.

Hounded by a saboteur, one humble cook struggles to ensure that his dish is not used to ruin a new and delicate peace being celebrated at a grand feast.


Digital painting. Seen against a background of outer space, the head of a giant whale-like creature emerges from a glowing gaseous surface at bottom left. The head, seen in right profile, is angled diagonally across the whole image. A creature has a large glowing round eyed with spirals within, and two rows of thorny appendages along the bottom. The creature’s mouth is open and between is a small space vessel with two thrusters flanking a glowing net. Clusters of stars appear along the right edge.

Two sisters traverse oceans of plasma and vapor on a nearby gas giant, seeking treasure, so they can get the perfect solstice gift for their dad.


Digital drawing. At center, a girl facing forward with a book open in front of her so that her face is only visible from eyes up. Her arms rest on a surface, hands gripping the bottom of the book. The book’s cover bears several stickers: a coiled snake, a couple of frogs, stars, lightning bolts, a fairy, a cat, a rainbow between clouds, puddles of slime, and circular emotion faces. A few of the stickers appear empty, with the subject missing, and only the white backing remaining. Close to these empty stickers are the missing subjects. A puddle of slime lying behind the book at the girl’s left hand. A small tyrannosaur standing on her left arm, and spider-like legs gripping the top corner of the book.

A little girl brings her stickers to life with a magic word, but when mayhem follows, her aunt and brother must help her find a way to reverse the magic.


Digital drawing. A left hand, at bottom, holding five cards of a tarot deck, fanned out. The card at right is mostly visibly with the thumb covering the bottom left corner. That card bears an image of a young man from waist up, facing left, three-quarters view, with his hands in his pockets. Behind him at his shoulders is the symbolic depiction of an eye with straight rays of banded color emanating from above it and curved rays below. The word “fool” is visible at the card’s bottom. From right to left, the next card is half visible, half of a long-haired person from waist-up with right hand held loosely clawed, palm facing right. Next, a bird perched on a gloved hand. Then a partial view of a crown on a head of bright wavy hair. The last card, half visible depicts a stone tower covered in vines, studded with flowers, with bunches of flowers at the base of the tower. Letters, but no complete words, are partly visible at the bottoms of the other cards.

Freddie’s ability to solve complex puzzles by seeing what other people don’t see attracts the attention of a puzzle-maker at a powerful company.


Digital drawing. Top center, a face seen from nose to chin with mouth wide open. Two small rocks tumble from the bottom lip. Larger rocks and stones hang below the chin, scattering out. Amid the rocks float feathers of different colors. Three wasps hover among the stones and feathers.

A man discovers that all his words are turning to stones that choke or rocks that rip his throat, and his only hope for rescue is a timid boy.


Digital painting. Perched on a branch that extends horizontally at the bottom is an earthworm in front of a gecko in front of a crow. The worm has raised the upper half of the body, rearing like a snake. The leaf-tailed gecko, seen from left side, has coloring and pattern that matches the tree branch. The crow’s head is turned to the right. Behind them is a wall of stone. Bright mist lays beneath the branch.

A prosperous beast dies, leaving behind a vast fortune locked behind a stone vault that can only be opened by a magical utterance.


Digital painting. An island in the shape of a crab facing forward, legs dangling below the surface of tropical waters. The body appears to be made of rock. A canopy of trees appears on top of the crab’s head (or the island’s surface). At upper left are dark gray clouds. At right are white clouds and rays of light shining down into the water. On the crab’s underside is a sparkling red-orange glow. At right on the water’s surface is the silhouette of a boat.

Treasure hunters seeking a legendary jewel on a forbidding isle take along a girl who has visions and a man who escaped the isle and swore never to return.


Digital drawing. A bull facing forward and seen from an angle on the left side. The bull has a black pelt, red eyes, glowing blue horns, and a slightly parted mouth. Shaggy hair falls down the bull’s ears and forehead. The bull stands on fog-covered grassy ground. Behind is the surface of a body of water. Above is a night sky glowing with moonlight from upper right.

A strange calf with a strange power is born to an ordinary cow, and is cared for by a keeper who envisions an ordinary use for that power.


Digital drawing. A creature that looks like a bird with nine visible heads. The body is seen from the left side, wing feathers extended out, long tail feathers flowing back, and legs loosely folded. The colors and patterns of the bird appear like that of a golden pheasant. The color of the beaks differ between some of the heads. The heads are arrayed in different positions, some in profile, some looking and facing forward. The bird is surrounded by a crackling glowing energy.

Ten terrified youths are abducted by a bird with ten terrible heads, who plans for them a doom worse than death.


Digital drawing. A cat seen from right side at an angle, sitting upon a rock in the midst of waters. The cat appears like a cougar, but with green thorny ridges along the back and tail. The tail is long, and loops of it emerge from and descend into the water. The cat’s glowing green eyes look forward. Clouds hang in the overcast sky above.

Three brave rats embark on a voyage across a vast lake that is rumored to be haunted by a monstrous cat..


Digital drawing. A creature who appears to be half human and half wolf with dark fur and red eyes crouches upon the foggy ground, right leg bent behind and left leg propped in front, facing forward, mouth open, arms resting upon legs.

When a child is born cursed, his family tries every remedy they can find, but one of his siblings believes the answer lies within the curse itself.


Digital drawing. A sprite, a humanoid person with butterfly wings and pointed ears, seen from waist up with arms crossed, turned to the left, wings partly extended to the right, facing forward, and smirking. Swirling above the sprite’s head are the faint glowing forms of five pairs of butterfly wings.

When a young man stumbles upon five tiny people scrambling over the body of an old man wearing an ugly sweater, his mind begins to spin a scheme.


Digital drawing. At center, a pomegranate fruit, sliced open to reveal clusters of seeds within, large clusters of bright red seeds and smaller clusters of dark red seeds. The pomegranate is being held up by a hand emerging from the bottom. The hand’s colors match the seeds. In the background aligning with the portion of arm and wrist and expanding up and to the sides are bright branching shapes and leafy shapes, all shaded green. Scattered among the branches are the faint shapes of whole pomegranate fruits.

An inventor finds a way for a human to spawn a multitude of progeny at once, and soon realizes that she must stop her own monstrous invention.


Digital drawing. A split screen image of a man sitting behind a plain tabletop looking down at a plate of food. His forearms lie on the table with hands resting beside the plate. On the left side, the man’s mouth is open with teeth clenched. One brow is raised, the other pinched. His eyes are narrowed. On the plate are cauliflower florets. On the right side, the man’s mouth is open in a wide smile. His brows are raised and eyes more open. On the plate is a lava cake with chocolate “lava” spilling from an open side. Peeking behind the cake is a scoop of coffee-colored ice cream.

An inventor creates a device intended to help people with a sweet tooth eat their vegetables, but the prototype has an unintended effect.


Digital drawing. A woman looking down at three mugs in foreground sitting on a surface. From left to right, a cup-shaped mug with the image of a winged teddy bear waving an arm, a skull-and-crossbones on a tall mug with a handle made of bones, and a typical mug with cartoon question marks all over. The woman is see from chest up, face in three-quarters view with left brow drawn in, right brow arched up, and right hand perched up above the mugs.

When a woman meets her fiancé’s family, she plays a board game to get acquainted, but things get serious when the family’s lawyer drops dead.


Digital drawing. Three women with identical features seen from waist up looking forward. From left to right. A woman with arms crossed, smiling and with her hair in a high pony tail. A woman with shoulder-length hair styled in waves, wearing a pinstripe suit. A woman with loose shoulder-length hair with her hands in the pockets of her windbreaker. Behind them, tilted is a the hazy outline of their image with the faces of the two women at right and middle blurred out.

One triplet is drawn into a mystery involving her sisters after one of them almost kills a man and one of them seems to go missing.


Digital drawing. A woman with blue hair, blue shirt and vest, and blue boots, crouches down with her hands braced on the ground. She looks down at the hazy translucent human figure lying on the floor in front of her. Radiant lines emanate up from the figure on the floor in the same hue as the floor and the wall.

A psychic with a specialty for reading auras and energies meets with a once-skeptical client who just wants answers about her husband’s recent death.


Digital drawing. A stone statue of a snake curled around a succulent plant. The plant appears a slightly different color. The snake’s eyes seem made of blue glass. Along the edge of one leaf at top right are tiny buds interspersed with thorns or spines. The statue sites on an open notebook. At bottom right, writing is visible, partly covered by the statue. At top and partly obscured by the statue are typewritten words. Visible whole words read: “Base of statue: Scratches may suggest a pattern. Pattern of…Main…See Valdez…reference…Local.”

An eager young student of mythology and archaeology makes a significant discovery about a minor artifact.


Digital drawing. An archway at center with rough toothy edges, leading to a dirt road flanked by a barren landscape with gray clouds hanging in the sky. On either side of the archway are tall shelving units partly visible, containing various items, including handbags, boxes, high-heeled shoes, and a case. At bottom left the top of a stool on which lies a cell phone.

A woman helping her anxious friend through a work-related crisis, discovers something unexpected in the big boss’s closet…a doorway to a deserted dirt road.


Digital drawing. Right half, a young man in three-quarters profile is running and glancing behind himself through a burning wood full of thorny branches, with two crows flying beside him. Some force or material emanates from the open beak of the crow in the foreground toward the burning branches ahead.

A young man walking through a wood meets a captivating bird then a captivating woman, but neither are what they appear to be.


Image description: Digital drawing. A figure at center in a long cloak stands in an open field with a dark wood behind. The image is bordered with leaves in various shades of green. The figure looks off to the right of image, with left arm across and right arm just visible holding one edge of the cloak. A braid hangs from her right shoulder. A crown sits on her head. She has blade-like wings extending from her back. Her face is human, but her ears are wolf-like, and a cat’s tail emerges from one side of the cloak. At right, within a glowing spot, a smiling face is visible. At bottom, a butterfly sits on one leaf, and a lizard clings to another. Both are green and blend in with the leaves.

When a woman brings home a small tattered tapestry from a flea market and treats it with care, the tapestry begins to respond.


Digital drawing. A humanoid figure covered in short fur with large eyes, long tapering ears, and butterfly-like wings lies in a crawling position atop a control panel. Printed along the top corner of the panel is “M.A.C.S. 47.” A dial and a few switches are visible at the front of the panel.

When a series of escalating pranks on a remote space station results in someone getting hurt, the acting administrator investigates and hopes the culprit is not a pixie.


Digital drawing. Top half of three humanoid figures. The middle figure is an ogre woman. She has pointed ears and two bottom canine-like teeth protruding past her lips. Her arms are crossed, body facing right, face forward. Flanking her are identical guards wearing sashes and holding a scabbard in their left hands. Their forms appear to be dissipating at the margins of the image.

Two neighboring towns. One human. One fairy. Living peaceably with each other. But something had gone wrong. And it started with a papercut…


Digital painting. A glowing ghostly humanoid figure hovers at right above and in front of green hills covered in flowers. His cloak is flared and wings spread. His head is facing left, but he is looking forward with glittering eyes. Above the hills is a blue sky with scattered clouds.

If fairies don’t have souls, then what happens to them when they die?


Digital drawing. Eight rats arrayed in a circle with their tails tied in a pattern. The furthest rat is seen from the back. The rat in the foreground is facing forward and wears a small yellow crown. The other rats are seen in profile. They appear to be sitting atop a watery textured background, which glows where their tails meet.

A rat named Hatcher has hatched a plan that might save his king and colony, and might doom his own life.


Digital drawing. A man seen from waist up, facing forward, with hands on hips, a crooked smile, and eyes closed. He wears a pigeon costume. The pigeon head lies over his head, with his full face showing. His arms look like pigeon legs, with the feet forming cuffs around his wrists. At his waist is a band of overlapping feathers, and on his back are two large folded wings.

The origin of a conventioneer’s costume is a myth that reveals the many skills and talents of the humble pigeon.


Digital drawing. A bird-like creature perched on a tree branch. The body faces left, the head is turned to look forward. The bird has two large rodent-like ears, rodent-like legs, two antennae emerging from the head above the eyes, a large wide beak like that of a shoebill stork, and segments of fur along the chest. Large feathers drape over the bird’s back. Part of the tree is visible at right with one branch arcing over the bird.

A girl puts together an event that everyone thinks is a stunt to break a record, even though she told them it’s a ritual to summon a vast mythic creature.


Digital drawing. The top part of a table in a tavern set before a window. An empty chair sits at left. Portions of the stone wall are visible. At left, a sword is hung up on the wall, the blade partly obscured by the chair. A mask of tragedy is hung before the pommel. The mask has a single tear falling from the left eye. A thorny vine is wrapped around the blade. On the table from left to right sit a plate holding a bowl with a spoon beside a bread roll, a tankard, a lit candle in a holder, and a stein with steam rising from the top. Dark clouds are visible through the diagonal grids of the window.

A stranger in a quiet corner of a tavern is asked to share a story, and tells a tale of a thorn that kills, a sword that heals, and a teardrop that never fell.


Digital drawing. Several figures arrayed in a rocky and cratered environment. Seven of the figures are humanoids with legs and a round head with round dark eyes, but no arms. One of these figures sits on a throne-like chair at center, and has crown-like markings on the head. Flanking the chair are a tall red robot and a creature that looks like a carrot with a feather on the top of the head, metallic barrels for the body, and human legs. Four screens display images. Two hang from above. Two below. Clockwise from top left, they display: a portion of Earth’s moon with the words “People of Earth…” written above; a one-eye worm floating in space; a smiling girl tipping her cowboy hat; and a smiling boy holding up a small canister.

The drama kids at Readerson Middle School put on a play about a cosmic outlaw, a land-dwelling lawman, and a potential threat looming above the Earth.


Digital drawing. A woman in a lab coat seen from waist up at center holds a thread in both hands that leads to a sheep floating above her head. She’s looking up at the sheep. Other sheep and lambs are floating in the sky under and within a bank of fluffy white clouds. Two people are running in the background, one of them holding his hands above his head. At bottom right corner, a businessman holds folders on his head and looks up at the sky. At bottom left corner, a smiling lamb appears to be leaping or landing on the grassy ground.

Scientists testing a device that helps people who are struggling to sleep discover a baffling and grave side effect.


Digital drawing. A cat, lizard, and moth in an office setting, all of them wearing fedora hats and trench coats. At left, the cat is sitting on top of a desk and holding up a magnifying glass to the right. Middle, the lizard stands upright and holds a ring just below the magnifying glass, and looks down at the ring. The moth is perched on the lizard’s left shoulder with wings outspread. Behind the cat is a window with blinds drawn down. A trophy in a case is mounted on the wall at left. At top right, three small paintings are mounted on the wall. At bottom right, the corner of another desk and the shade of a lamp are visible.

Three friends, a lizard, a cat, and a moth, who start a private investigation agency, may be in over their heads when their foxy first client hands them a missing persons case.


Digital drawing. Two girls standing against a glowing and sparkling background. The girl at left wears layers of robes, holds her right arm loosely bent with hand flourished. She’s smiling and looking forward. Her left arm is bent behind her back. The bottom and left side of her body has been turned into chocolate. The girl at right stands in the foreground with arms crossed, looking up and to the right with a neutral expression. Her neck is composed of plates and she has a smaller plate over each cheek.

When a teenage mage turns herself into a walking block of chocolate to impress her crush and can’t turn herself back, she seeks help from her best friend, a mechanical humanoid.


Digital drawing. Foreground, a suspension bridge seen in side silhouette against a sunset. Above the bridge float two giant hands. The right holds a crochet needle. A chain stitch falls beside the thumb. Several loops of yard wrap around the needle. A thread of yard is held under the hook and pulled up by the index finger of the hand at left. Another chain stitch extends from the top loop, and is held by the left hand. Loose wispy threads of glowing color that match the sunset extend over and past the wrists, blending into the sunset below and the night sky above.

Two agents investigating reports of a fraudulent psychic receive a frantic confession along with a new prediction for a terrible disaster.


Digital drawing. A creature with the head of a fox and the chest and tail of a snake. The fox fur extends down the back of the tail halfway. The tail curves through and above the gray waters with the end just submerged, but displaying three thorny prongs. The head is raised above the water and tilted, the mouth stretched in what appears to be a smile, eyes watching the viewer.

An amateur cryptid researcher vacations in a town where reports of glowing lights and eerie laughter in the woods escalate, to sightings of a monster in the river.


Digital drawing. An open eye, slightly tilted off center, with a glowing iris in orange and yellow, surrounded by black, with a black pupil slashed by yellow. Pulses emanate from the eye in ripples and rays, and in layers of curved and angular shapes through darkness.

An injured rescue worker is rewarded with an experimental surgery that restores her vision, and grants her another sense that no one expected.


Digital drawing. A young woman in a lab coat, from waist up, smiling down at a rose-like flower held in her gloved right hand. Her ungloved left hand raises safety glasses up from her eyes. A rack with three test tubes sits at bottom right. The flower’s leaves and stem are atypical colors. Behind, at top left etched within a background of color gradients is the outline of a flower-like shape.

When a suspicious laboratory accident occurs, a young botanist who’s studying a rose-like plant from an exoplanet suspects sabotage, but the true cause may be far stranger.


Digital drawing. Against a colorful star field at center left is a dark shape that looks like three orbs in a row, the center one in foreground. Nine dark appendages protrude from the central form and extend out of frame. Fur-like filaments run along the length of the appendages. Glowing shapes and colors within the central orb match the star field in the background. Watermark of “Storyfeather” along limb at top right. At bottom right, “Copyright © 2023 Nila L. Patel”

Through a series of letters back home, a regular citizen describes a once-in-a-lifetime experience, encountering a vast and enigmatic creature in the depths of outer space.


Digital painting. A portrait of a woman, facing left, from chest up, three quarters view. The woman’s features are just visible over her skull, which glows and sparkles. Her irises also glow. Her garb completely covers her arms and neck. Her hair forms a dark cloud behind her, with hazy strands lying over the skull.

On a vacation where she can finally spend time on her art, a painter struggles, until she casts away the expectations of others and casts herself as a villain.


Digital drawing. At right, person seen from the left side, face partly hidden behind an open hand fan held in the left hand, with one edge resting along the forearm. The fan bears a pattern of lotus blossoms. The nose and mouth are hidden behind the fan. The person’s complexion is green. Hair and clothing are a soft pink. Eyes are a bronze yellow. Watermark of “Storyfeather” along top of forearm. Copyright notice at bottom left reads “Copyright © 2023 Nila L. Patel.”

An heirloom found in an attic inspires one of its discoverers to remember a tale passed down in her family, a tale of gods and of beauty.


Digital drawing. Three young women in various ballet dance poses. Each represents a monochromatic color scheme, including their complexions. All hold their left arms up with fingers flourished. The girl at foreground bottom is in purple, head tilted, right arm out, sparkles in her hair. Behind and above her is a girl in green, left leg bent up behind her, tilted to the left, sparkles in her leotard. Behind and above her is a girl in red, face in profile, right arm held down and out. Sparkles seem to burst from her left hand. The background is bright and colorful, matching the colors of the girls. Watermark of “Storyfeather” along arm of leg of each girl. Copyright notice at bottom right reads “Copyright © 2023 Nila L. Patel.”

A young dancer leads her troupe to a triumphant night, and decides that the only way for them to remain victorious is to drink a potion that will transform them from the inside out.


Digital drawing. Standing on a platter at bottom center is a pink fairy armadillo, surrounded by several bonbons shaped like hydrozoa, each a dome with short tentacles or tendrils. At the edges of the platter rise feathery shapes. Above the armadillo at top center is the bright silhouette of a hydrozoan with a fluttering dome and several tendrils extending downwards.

A famed confectioner is keeping a fantastic secret, one whose clues are plain to see in his latest colorful confections.


Digital drawing. A structure resembling an eel constructed out of cylindrical segments below the surface of waters. The segments have thorny protrusions. The head with jaws open displays metal teeth. The visible eye looks like the porthole of a ship. The body arcs to the right and then back to the left in the background. The end of the tail rises above the waters.

Argh! Let me tell you about the one time our ship got swallowed by a giant eel, and how we plan to get revenge on our would-be destroyer.


Digital drawing. Two hands reaching out to each other, one from bottom left, one from top right. Between them is a bright glowing star emanating spokes of light and surrounded by a wispy whirling circle. Outside this against a dark background are distant glowing stars.

A non-corporeal being whose mind is tethered to a human’s must dive into the core of a star to rescue two of her people.


Digital drawing. View through a sealed porthole window set in planks of wood. The window opens to darkness and fog, with the dark shape of a hand reaching out, and further away, a pair of horns and two softly glowing eyes. To the right, along the porthole’s edge is a hand covered in a golden glove and adorned with gold rings on all but the ring finger, and thin gold bracelets at the wrist. Copyright notice at bottom left. Watermark of word “Storyfeather” along bottom edge of porthole.

Humans rise from the earth.
Demons drop from the sky. 
A human ship and her crew are tested when they encounter danger in a demon dimension.