Portal Button. Elongated rectangle. Rings of colored light emanate from the center. Inset on the left, a square with the Storyfeather feather logo, a feather quill shaped like the letter "f" with a drop of ink hovering below its tip. Lying above the logo are two more logo squares, but they are tilted and angled in different directions, and they're translucent. To the right of the image, the word "Fusion." At top right, the word "Year." Below "Year," the numeral "10."


Every year’s short stories (mostly) follow a theme. For Year Ten, every month’s stories share a genre or theme, some anchor point that the reader can rely on. But within that, there are strange concoctions brewing. The genre’s merge, archetypes collide, mythologies mash…welcome to the Year of Fusion.. 

Welcome to the tenth year of Storyfeather.

Below are the titles, primary genres, and taglines for each story in the order it was originally posted.

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Digital drawing. Two girls with fangs wearing letterman jackets and sitting on a bench. The words "Girls With Fang Club" are visible on the left side of one girl’s jacket. The words are partially obscured on the other girl’s jacket. The girl at right has a pale purple complexion and two incisor fangs protruding from her closed smiling mouth. She's sitting with her wrists resting on her knees, and she looks to the left at the other girl. The girl at left has a pale green complexion and a mouth full of small pointy fangs visible in her open-mouthed smile. She has her hands in her pockets. Her head rests on the other girl's shoulder. She looks up at the other girl. Behind them, the colors of the sky indicate that the sun is just setting.

When students in their school mysteriously drop into comas, three members of an academic and service club investigate a potential supernatural cause.


Two people, facing forward and floating. At left a human woman with short hair, left arm held out and right hand poised to grip or brace against the ceiling above. At right, a humanoid man with three sets are arms, a lavender tongue, tapered ears, and thick wavy hair. His left arms are braced against the ceiling and wall. In one hand he holds a small device. They are both wearing the same drably colored clothes, though the woman has a bright shirt just visible below her collar. Bright orange lights glow above them and reflect down on them. A bright light appears behind them, dimming at the margins. Both people hold their mouths open and their eyes slightly wide.

When an accident leaves two colleagues stranded in their vessel in an unfamiliar region of space, they call for help, but find they must rely on each other in the end…whatever end that might be.


Digital drawing. Within a translucent dome, there stand four towers. Three are clustered at center and one stands apart at left. Pipes or conduits branch off into the ground from the base of each tower, just visible below the uneven ground. At bottom right in the distance are structures under the dome that glow under hazy light from a comet that streaks by, its head at left, and its tail grazing the dome.

Disaster strikes a mining asteroid, where workers use and study a unique bacteria that helps produce a valuable ore needed for interstellar travel.


Digital drawing. Six figures gathered around a large pot at bottom center. From left to right, a young man with a dark beard, long hair, and one arm, holding a wand directed at the pot, and smiling to his left; a small humanoid figure floating in a space suit with gauzy butterfly wings, pouring a shaker of salt down into the pot; a humanoid figure with tapered ears, one bearing three rings, gaping down at the pot; a small blue ball with three long limbs visible, and large round eyes, holding a chunk of food over the pot; a dragon with a toad-like face, half the height of the tallest figures, with one clawed hand on the tabletop in front of some mushrooms; and another dragon, as tall as the tallest figures, seen from the left side, holding a package in the left arm. The young man is a wizard and the humanoid man is an elf. They both wear chef’s hats in different colors. The elf wears an apron. On the tabletop is a canister, a polygonal box, a bag spilling some beans, some spiral-shaped objects and mushrooms. The young man and the tall dragon are smiling. Blue foam drips over the edge of the pot in two places. A wispy sparkly cloud streams out of the wand and around the pot.

Hounded by a saboteur, one humble cook struggles to ensure that his dish is not used to ruin a new and delicate peace being celebrated at a grand feast.


Digital painting. Seen against a background of outer space, the head of a giant whale-like creature emerges from a glowing gaseous surface at bottom left. The head, seen in right profile, is angled diagonally across the whole image. A creature has a large glowing round eyed with spirals within, and two rows of thorny appendages along the bottom. The creature’s mouth is open and between is a small space vessel with two thrusters flanking a glowing net. Clusters of stars appear along the right edge.

Two sisters traverse oceans of plasma and vapor on a nearby gas giant, seeking treasure, so they can get the perfect solstice gift for their dad.