The Once-God Rampion

A god is cast out of the heavens for the crime of sharing power with mortals.

This story is from Year 8, The Year of Revisitation
I revisit one of the stories I’ve already written, and write a new standalone story connected to or inspired by the existing one through a character, a place, an object, a continuation of events (okay, sequel), and so on.

I’ve written a few stories centered on the subject of hair, or the lack thereof, and powers contained within hair. “The Witch Rampion,” which is loosely inspired by the story of Rapunzel, was the first of these. Then there’s the “Festival of the Triumphant Locks” and “Contest Chevelure” in which contests and celebrations are held around hair. I also chose a genre to write in, mythology. So in this new story, I started by wondering how the witch Rampion might have gotten her powers. Perhaps she is descended from a god whose hair contained great power…

[Video Description: Trailer. Duration, 31 seconds. No music. No sound effects. Digital drawing of a person seen from the back walking away. The person is barefoot and wearing a flowing skirt or dress. Wavy and curling strands of hair in different muted colors flow outward and back from the head, entirely obscuring the top half of the body. One strand on either side is connecting to the tops of trees and appears to be absorbing the trees. A strand on the left is connected to a purple flower with five petals, a rampion bellflower. Hazy foliage frames the image’s bottom half. The words “Short Story” and “Genre: Mythology” are displayed in front of the image. The words fade and are replaced by quotes from the story, appearing then fading phrase by phrase, at the top, then middle, then the bottom. “They took half her powers, half her wisdom, half her stature.” The story’s tagline appears at the bottom, first line of this post. The story title appears at the end. Website URL is displayed at the very bottom throughout.]

Genre: Mythology


Portal Button. Elongated rectangle with rings of colored light emanating from the center. Text appears over the rings, reading "Storyfeather Year 8" and below it in larger font, "Revisitation."

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