The Meek Mountain Peak

They were an odd company.  An enchanted company.  And they had lived through many adventures together.

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[Video description: 46 seconds. Scanned watercolor painting. Three figures facing away from viewer: a bird swooping in from the left, a giant on the right, and a woman standing on the giant’s right shoulder. They look beyond the canopy of a vast forest to a mountain chain. The giant wears a patchwork shirt. The woman is covered in or made of silver. Her left arm is extended out and her hand propped against the giant’s head. Her left leg is slightly bent. The bird has blue feathers a silver right foot. The base of the mountain appears to be bear roughly carved faces. Watermark of the word “storyfeather” lays over the image. Title card over the image displays “Podcast Episode” and “Genre: Fairy Tale” The words fade away, replaced by the story’s title. The title fades. Subtitles appear in time with music and narration at the bottom: “So with clenched fists and watchful eyes, they entered the Meek Mountains. Once the abode of giants, the inside was large enough for Cob to move quite easily. There were stairs where each step was two stories high. Hallways etched with carvings that even Cob had to crane his neck to see. The caverns were mostly dark, save for the torches they had brought. They soon came upon an unexpected sight. Living green vines that traversed the inner paths of the mountains, growing somehow without light.” Text box appears over image displaying the words, “Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, and so on. Or listen on my Podcast page at” Website URL appears at bottom center throughout and fades as the text box appears.]

The Meek Mountain Peak Storyfeather

Once, there were five magic beans.

A poor boy was swindled into accepting them as payment for some vegetables he was trying to sell at market. His mother had thought the beans were useless until he ate one and grew into a giant. His mother was poor and could not have supported the needs of a skinny boy much less a giant. So she had no choice but to cast him out. On his wanderings, he befriended a young girl who called herself Turtle. She named him Cob, which was short for “corncob” for he was tall as a cornstalk (and he didn’t fancy being called “Stalk”).

Story: “The Meek Mountain Peak” Copyright © 2017 by Nila L. Patel
Episode Art: “Where the Giants Once Lived” Copyright © 2017 by Sanjay Patel
Narration and Editing:  Nila L. Patel

Trip-Hop Lounge Abstract Background” by Digital Emotions (Intro/Outro)

Music by Scott Buckley
“Dragon’s Lullabye”

Music by TRG Banks
“Lake in the woods”
“The silver bus”

Music by Komiku
“Dreaming of you”

Music by Nicholas Jeudy (Dark Fantasy Studio)*
“Pitch black”
“Ex nihilo (seamless)”
“Deep lands (Part 2)”
“The ocean takes it all”
“Deep lands (Part 1)”
“After dark”

Music by Benjamin Carr (Scythuz)*
“Ancient Ruins”
“Fire Dungeon”

Music by Jonathan Shaw*
“A Tale of Wind”

*These tracks were part of a music and sound effects bundles I purchased from Humble Bundle and sourced from GameDev Market.

Music by Nicholas Jeudy, Benjamin Carr, and Jonathan Shaw is licensed from GameDev Market
Music by Scott Buckley is licensed under CC BY 4.0
Music by TRG Banks and Komiku is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal License
Sound effects from AudioJungle and GameDevMarket

Find more music by Digital_Emotions at
Find more music by Scott Buckley at
Find more music by TRG Banks and Komiku at and
Find more music by Nicholas Jeudy and Benjamin Carr at
Find more music by Jonathan Shaw at and
Find more stories by Nila at


Portal Button. Elongated rectangle with rings of colored light emanating from the center. Text appears over the rings, reading "Storyfeather Year 4" and below it in larger font, "Creatures."

Genre: Fairy Tale, Fantasy

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