The Holiday Truce on Stage 34

Two rival television shows set aside their differences to film their solstice holiday specials.

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Video description

Trailer for “The Holiday Truce on Stage 34.” 46 seconds. Title card with the words “Podcast Episode” and “Genre: Fantasy” is displayed at center. Story tagline is displayed at bottom. Tagline reads, “Two rival television shows set aside their differences to film their solstice holiday specials.” The title card and tagline fade. Digital drawing. A group of people at a party, all facing forward and seen from their upper halves. Upper left corner, a banner extends at an angle up from bottom left. It reads “Happy Solstice,” but the letters “H,” “C,” and “E” are only partially visible. The party-goers from left to right are a man in background holding a full champagne glass in his right hand, a woman in foreground holding up a full champagne glass as if in a toast, a humanoid with bulbous head and three fingers in background holding a champagne glass in the left hand, and another humanoid with pointed ears holding a bowl of snacks. Beside the woman in the foreground, the top half of another person’s head is seen, wearing a helmet, and looking at the woman. Behind the woman there extend several tentacles that curl around and in front of the others. The image is in color at center, and is repeated in grayscale at top and bottom to make the entire shape a square. Subtitles appear in time with music and narration at the bottom: “‘Did you hear about that time someone took all the ink barrels out of all the pens in the “Ships” writers’ room and offices?’ Cal asked. I nodded. ‘How about that time someone was lurking in a hallway one Halloween, jumping out and scaring all the “Lily” cast as they went to the dressing rooms?’ I raised my brows, gave him a twisted smile, and nodded again. ‘Well did you hear about the one I got blamed for?’ ‘Uh, someone might have mentioned it, but—’ ‘Let me put the record straight. And I don’t mean to be rude to you, but to all those who might have filled your head with the wrong ideas.’” Story title appears at top as the image blurs and darkens from center outward. Website URL appears at bottom center throughout and fades as appears at center displaying the words, “Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, and so on. Or listen on my Podcast page at” A row of sparkling round ornaments drops down from the top of frame and hand from the text box.

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Episode Released: 15 December 2022

“Lily Loquacious” and “Calling All Ships” were both filmed in the same giant building that housed the famed Stage 34. In fact, they were the reason that Stage 34 was famed. The building actually housed five stages, all originally occupied by the “Lily Loquacious Variety Hour,” brought over from radio, which later became “Lily Loquacious Lives,” and finally just “Lily Loquacious.” The show started as a sketch comedy, where Lily Loquacious was a returning favorite character played by the inimitable Lily McKay. When it was clear audiences wanted more of Lily Loquacious, the studio obliged by building a show around her.

“Calling All Ships” was a space saga about a ship ironically named the Valorous because it and its crew fled from a critical battle during the last war that their people and allies fought against a mysterious long-time enemy.

What’s the Word (that inspired the story)?
Loquacious: talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative (source:

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Story: “The Holiday Truce on Stage 34” Copyright © 2018 by Nila L. Patel
Narration, Episode Art, Editing, and Production:  Nila L. Patel

Trip-Hop Lounge Abstract Background” by Digital Emotions (Intro/Outro)

Music by NICHOLAS JEUDY (Dark Fantasy Studio)*
“Here we go”
“The super hero”
“Black flag”
“Playing in water”
“Silent walk”
“Beware the boss”

Music by ANDREW SITKOV (MuzStation Game Music)*
“Casual Theme #2”
“Another World”
“Stars Talk”
“Casual Theme #3 (Looped)”
“Casual Theme #1 (Looped)”
“Lyric Voice #4”
“Medieval Theme #5”
“Space Discoveries”

*These tracks were part of a music and sound effects bundles I purchased from Humble Bundle and sourced from GameDev Market.

Music by Nicholas Jeudy and Andrew Sitkov is licensed from GameDev Market

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Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction
Tags: Cal, Calling All Ships, Damien Shephard, Lily Loquacious, Lily McKay, Solstice, Stage 34, Studio, Television, Valorous

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