The Flaming Jargonelle

A thief and an investigator each try to convince the other to accept the truth about the unparalleled treasure that is the Flaming Jargonelle.

Music: “Mystical Town” by Chris Logsdon

[Video Description: “The Flaming Jargonelle” Trailer. Duration, 42 seconds. Music, “Mystical Town” by Chris Logsdon. Digital drawing. A young woman sits within a window frame whose sides and bottom are visible. She sits with her back to the right. Her left leg slightly bent, her foot is pressed flush against the left frame. Her right leg is bent up, foot flush against the bottom pane. Her face, seen in three-quarters profile, is covered with a mask from nose to chin. Her eyes watch the viewer. She wears a hood over her head. Her left arm is bent against her leg and her hand is slightly curled around a glowing teardrop-shaped jewel, tilted slightly toward her.  Sparks are visible on the jewel’s surface. The glowing light radiates in a sunburst pattern. Behind the woman is a monochrome painting of a pear tree laden with fruit. Title card with the words “Short Story” and “Genre: Mythology,” is displayed at top. Tagline is displayed at bottom. It reads: “A thief and an investigator each try to convince the other to accept the truth about the unparalleled treasure that is the Flaming Jargonelle.” Title card and tagline fade. A watermark of the word “storyfeather” appears over the image. Lines from the story appear in sequence: “And the thief spoke. ‘Most of the stories say that when the Flaming Jargonelle is struck by any kind of light from brightest sun to dimmest candle, it appears as if it were made of fire. But I’ve had it in my possession for many days, and I’ve never seen it glow like this.’” Site URL appears at bottom center offset right throughout and fades at end. As the last line disappears, the image blurs, the story title appears at center, and a text card appears at top that reads “Available to Read Now”]

Welcome to Year 9 of Storyfeather

Every year’s short stories (mostly) follow a theme. This year, I will turn the Wheel of Fiction to help me decide what to write. There are thirteen spokes on this wheel. Eight are occupied by the eight themes from the previous years of stories. One is a prompt to turn the wheel again. One is a wildcard (hmm…curious). And three are covered only in question marks. I suppose I’ll find out what’s beneath those questions as we go along.

Welcome to the WHEEL OF FICTION

The Wheel of Fiction turns, and lands on DEFINITIONS. I was ready. In recent weeks, I was playing around with a random weird word generator that I found when I was doing the Year of Definitions. The word “jargonelle” came up and caught my interest. It means “a kind of pear that ripens early” according to various internet dictionaries. I considered possible story premises based on the word. In the first few moments of thought, I started with the story title, knowing I wanted the word in the title, and that I wanted to use the word as is, as opposed to shifting it’s spelling to make it someone’s name or something along that line. Then I looked up what pears have symbolized in myth and culture through the years—fertility, immortality—but at some point, the idea of a jewel, a rare jewel, occurred to me.  And where there is a rare jewel, there simply must be a thief.

[Video Description: Duration, 8.5 seconds. Choice wheel made on the Spin the Wheel application. Thirteen spokes or slices in various colors, labeled as follows, clockwise from the top: Objects of Power (the “of Power” is not visible), Prompts, Definitions, Turn Again, Elements, Creatures, S.T.E.A.M., Wildcard, Revisitation, Music, Challenge, Draw!!!, Traveler. The title at top reads “The Wheel of Fiction V4” and below that the words “Spin the wheel.” Below that is the date of the spin, 4/15/2022. At top left corner is a flag icon labeled with the letter “F.” This represents a function of the application which interferes with true randomness by reducing the probability of receiving the same choice twice in a row. The wheel turns and lands on DEFINITIONS. As the wheel stops spinning, a cartoon pear with stick arms, stick legs, and a stick face appears above the indicator dial and dances.]

Genre: Mythology


Portal Button. Elongated rectangle with rings of colored light emanating from the center. Text appears over the rings, reading "Storyfeather Year 9" and below it in larger font, "Wheel of Fiction."

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