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Storyfeather Year Two Cropped Flash GammaStoryfeather Year Two, Copyright © 2015 Sanjay Patel.


This week’s story will be posted by midnight on Sunday, November 8.  This is the anniversary post for Storyfeather’s second year.

Thank you to everyone who read even one of the fifty-two stories I posted during the second year.  Thank you for your precious time and your interest.  Thank you for supporting my dream.  Thank you for being a part of Storyfeather, Year Two!

Year Two had a theme that I decided upon after realizing the first few stories had something in common…Objects of Power.  Many a week, it helped to think of that theme when I didn’t know what I should write about.  I’d wander through a room looking at the objects, and I’d ask myself if I already had a story about spoons, bricks, or guitars.  The theme provided focus and a challenge (especially when I forgot about it until I’d started writing).  Boy did I have fun writing these stories.  And boy am I proud to have completed a second year.

Another significant milestone over the past year was the opening of the online Storyfeather store on October 1.  Over the next year, I will add a couple of pages that contain image-based links to all the Year One and Year Two stories, to make it easier and more fun to browse through.  Eventually, I hope to do a Storyfeather podcast to provide an audio version of each story.  As the site develops, the core challenge will remain the same, a story a week.

The above image is a picture I took of artwork created by Sanjay Patel to commemorate Storyfeather’s two-year anniversary.  Each image block represents one of the stories from the second year in the order it was posted.  A lot happened in the year two stories.  A genie was unleashed, mortals wielded the power of gods, eggs randomly came out of an enchanted pocket, wonders like blood substitutes and sentient substances were invented, objects of power were encountered…

Here’s to seeing what Year Three brings.  Thanks again, Mighty Readers.

Long Live Stories!


Glass Guitar Girl


Zia had a singular passion, and she believed, a destiny, to play guitar.  She began playing when she was twelve years old.  She’d asked for a guitar for her birthday, hoping for an electric.  Her father bought her a steel-stringed acoustic instead.  Seven years later, she bought herself a blue electric guitar and named it Duke.  Zia was a talented guitarist, but her talent didn’t hold a candle to that of her friend Edie, whose instrument of choice was the fiddle.   Thick as thieves, peas in a pod, cosmic sisters were they, even after one of them sold her soul to the Devil.

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