Vault of the Fortunate Heir

The canary sang to the high stone wall, as if it were the maiden-bird he’d been courting. She perched nearby, of course, hoping that his golden voice would loosen the locks to a vault full of golden treasure.

One of the most prosperous beasts in the world had died, an heir to a vast and uncounted fortune. News spread that he had a vault that could be opened by a single magical utterance. The utterance was known, but the magic was in how it was uttered. No one knew how it must be done. So all were welcomed to try.

So it was that the beasts of the world made their way to the vault of the fortunate heir.

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The Riddle of Hyperion

When I first entered the jungle, I walked forth into the unknown.  I had no map, only a general direction.  So I could say I stumbled upon him, but that would be misleading.  I have been searching for him for a long while.  Since before I knew his nature or his name.  Since before I was born. 

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