Kairos and the Phantom

Something terrible had come into the world. Something evil. Invisible, intangible. Some corruption that could not be perceived. And therefore could not be fought. By the time it had a grip on someone, it was too late. The corruption seeped into every part of that person, defiling their heart, twisting their thoughts, draining the very life out of their body.

No land was spared. No person was spared, no matter how pure, how honorable, how fit of body, how courageous of heart. No place was hidden from this corruption.

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Through the Woods at Night

The car had been behind me for a while, even before we turned onto Dollortop, the road that just barely split the sprawling woods that separated the counties.

I gripped the steering wheel at ten and two, and glanced at the rearview mirror, as I eased my foot off the accelerator.  My car began to slow.

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