Three Girls With Fangs

“Why aren’t we talking about what happened last night?” She glanced around the room. “To Robin.”

Chairs squeaked, and breaths were exhaled. But no one responded. They looked to the front of the room.

“Because we don’t know what happened,” Sarita said. “All we have right now are rumors and gossip. Is that going to help anyone?” She swept her dark gaze over the dozen girls in the room.

“He’s in a coma,” Jolene said. “After studying all night.”

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The Elementals Gathered

We think of them as separate. We learn of their natures when we are but small children. Fire burns. Water flows. Earth turns. Air blows.

But as we grow older, we learn that the natures of the great elements are not so separate.

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Sal accepted the epidural anesthetic but it was still the worst physical pain she had ever borne in her life. She was amazed at herself when she didn’t just pass out. Friends had warned her as daintily as they could about the pain and sweat and mess of bodily fluids, all of which they said was worth the trouble. But no one had mentioned that she would see the life of the universe pass before her eyes, and feel the tug of the moon at her heart, and hear the songs of all the waters on the earth.

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