Six Days of Love


Greetings! I highlight six stories about romantic love in this post.
Here’s a quick trailer. (I’ve moved my goofy intro video to the bottom).

Genres: Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Fable

Artwork Copyright © 2017 “Six Fools and the Dragon” by Sanjay Patel (all other artwork is mine)

Music: “Casual Arcade Track #2 (looped)” from GameDev Market

Scroll down for details and separate trailers for each story. Or click the button to jump to the bottom of the page where you can get quick summaries at a glance, and go straight to the stories.

[Video description: Trailer. Duration 31 seconds. Music plays: Casual Arcade Track #2 (looped) from GameDev Market. No sound effects. Eight slides appear. Between each is a blur transition. First, center image of a medieval-looking bard playing a string instrument and singing. The image is framed by a soft circle.  The Six Days of Love banner sits in center before the image. Second, Title “The Ogre and the Elf Go To Honeymoon City” appears at top. Image is an elf and ogre sitting across from each other under a chandelier. Third, Title “The Everwalker” appears at bottom. Silhouette of a tall woman with a staff midstride. Fourth, Title “ The Merchant and the Magician” appears at bottom. Centered candle with a rainbow flame. Fifth, Title “The Prisoner Under the Sea” appear at top. Humanoid face with fin-like ears, scaly skin, and large irises. Sixth, Title “The Bard of Trilenkary” appears at bottom. Silhouette of a tree with bar branches and a man playing a fiddle sitting at its base. Seventh, Title “Six Fools and the Dragon” appears at the bottom. Six characters are running away from a dragon breathing fire at them. Website URL appears at bottom until the very end where it fades as eighth slide appears. “” swipes up from the bottom and stays near the bottom. Behind it, the Storyfeather bard logo floats up to middle, and “Find these short stories and more at” fades in at the top.]

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The Everwalker


The EverwalkerOnce there was a girl named Florisse whose greatest dream was to find and marry her true love.  She dreamed by day and she dreamed by night.  She would pray to the gods of her ancestors.  She would wish upon falling stars.  And when she saw lovers hand in hand, she would ache with longing and burn with envy.  One morning when she woke, she found upon the floor of her chamber, a pair of fine slippers.  They were made of satin, the pale color of fresh butter and just as soft.  Her family was not poor, but nor were they so rich that they could acquire such fine slippers as a gift.  They were the kind of slippers that young women wore upon their wedding days.  The girl tried on the slippers and they fit her feet perfectly.  She found a note with the slippers.  The note proclaimed that the slippers would lead the wearer to wherever or whomever the wearer wished.  The girl was so swept up in her excitement that before her family woke, she washed and dressed in her best garments and cloak.  She slipped on the slippers.  She made her wish.  She gave the slippers her command.
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