Jukebox Time Portal

I didn’t panic right away when Violeta said she had succeeded in building a working time machine.

All of her inventions worked.  All of them.  But all her other inventions were a lot less…ambitious.

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The Makriaziton Mechanism

“There were people who once knew how to harness energies that we haven’t yet discovered, or rather, rediscovered,” Dr. Taisho said as she strapped the leathery cuff around his right wrist. “They did so by learning about the world around them and building tools to understand and then use the forces and energies they observed. Wars and calamities overcame the world and most of the knowledge and the tools were destroyed or lost. There are those in the present time who are trying to regain that knowledge. They are finding some of the tools and devices and testing them to see if they still work. This is one those devices.”

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I knew it was going to happen. I came awake and heard him tossing and turning. We still shared a room, even though I was too old for that and wanted my own. We still slept in bunk beds. He was right below me. And I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and pulled myself over the edge of my bed and leaned down just in time to see him slowly vanish.

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