Salis and Dulcine

Digital drawing of a young woman facing and leaning forward, seen from the waist up, eyes closed, right hand held out, left arm thrown back. Her face and right hand are tattooed. Silvery-black streams flow all around her.  Behind her to her right are the spectral figures of a smiling young woman holding a young man in a headlock, surrounded by orange light.  Behind all of them is the faint facade of a manor house. 

Long ago in times that have now passed into myth, much was different in the newborn world.  Moths the size of hawks once fluttered through the sky.  The rings on the ringed planet cast a glow upon the face of the new moon.  The molten core of the world flowed not only with lava but with magic.  And human beings wept tears that were sweet not salty.

It came to pass that two were born upon the earth to the same mother, one right after the other.  Twins were rare in those days.  The brother was born first, only moments before the sister. Continue reading

The Brothers Joye and Sorow


Quill 172 Joye and Sorow Image 1 Final
On the canvas of the world, all we who inhabit it have been painted by the hand and the skill of some great and unseen painter.  Our forms are sketched, our colors chosen, and even a bit of our talents and favors are swirled into our beings.  While the painter is busy marking the subtle and the transparent differences between us, there is another who is busy filling us with the elements that are the same between us.  The great alchemist mixes the proper balance of feeling and thought for every person born. Continue reading

The Good Doctor’s Tears


The Good Doctor's Tears“My husband was one of you,” the doctor said, smiling fondly.  But her smile faded.  “That’s why my mother killed him.”

Detective Penelope Locke let the first odd comment slide for the moment.  She crossed her arms, a gesture she used to keep herself from rushing the interrogation now that she had gotten so much new and significant information.  “So, it’s your mother we should be talking to.”

The doctor wiped tears away from red-rimmed, bloodshot eyes.  She had been crying when they brought her in to the station and the slow but steady drip of tears had not stopped till just now.

“I wouldn’t dare it, detective.”  She sniffed and straightened her back.  “It seems I’ll have to pay for this crime.  I’m ready to confess.” Continue reading