Only Fools Prevail

Once, there was a realm where scholarship was much admired and much desired. A trickster fairy appeared one day and kidnapped the king, leaving behind a riddle that even the youngest child in the castle could solve before sundown. The king’s highest advisor presented the answer. The fairy, being bound by his own promise, had no choice but to return the king. But he tried again, and again was thwarted by the learned and agile minds of the king’s subjects. Yet he tried again…

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The Last Night of Grief

“Before you kill us,” the philosopher said, standing before fangs dripping with searing venom and six pairs of blazing eyes, “let us ask you a question.”

The philosopher felt her heart beating within her chest. She winced at the feeling. It was not painful. Just sad. Her heart knew this was the moment of her death and it was still aching to keep her from it.

All six of the creature’s eyes were on her, but she was most directly in front of one pair in one giant dog-like head. She knew this one’s name. This one was Lucte. The name meant “grief.”

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A Realm Without Rain

“Tell me of your wanderings,” my sovereign said, as I bowed before them.

“I bring gifts and I bring tidings,” I said. I gestured to the pallet of goods from the land I had recently visited.

“Have you found a worthy place?” my sovereign asked, ignoring my gifts.

I raised my head, but kept my eyes lowered. “Yes, sovereign. Worthy, but…I encountered a great challenge.”

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The Chosen By Chance Dance

The Sovereign is coming to our town.

We must have entertainments ready.  We must have feats to display.

We must demonstrate the strength and wit and spectacle that she expects from her people.

We must do this all the more because we were not chosen for our merit.  We were chosen by chance. 


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