Diamond Dreamt of Rose

Clara felt the magic trickle up from the bare skin of her palm. With a cold crackle, the almonds transformed. Seven perfect diamonds. Even in the dim light of fog and cloud, they glittered. Clara sighed as her vigor was drained by the spell.

She looked ahead to the bridge. She had not expected fog. A shape emerged from it.

She held out the handful of diamonds. Enough to pay the toll for the next thousand travelers.

“It is not enough,” the bridge troll said.

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The Margin Alien

Don’t spend too much time looking around, I told myself. Just find Andy, fix the harness, and come on back.

My brother had said the place was amazing and the people were great and that he couldn’t wait to take us there, once he was sure it would be safe.

But I couldn’t let that dazzle me. Especially since a small part of me wondered if he’d somehow gotten enthralled into staying longer than he’d intended. Maybe he’d lost track of time. I glanced over at the kids, who stood thirty feet away. Andy didn’t allow himself to lose track of time anymore, unless someone else was taking care of the kids. And the state of his bedroom, his garage…

Remember why you’re going there.

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When Sun and Moon Fled the Sky

Mischievous, capricious, boisterous Sun never took her cosmic duty seriously in her younger days.

Many cast light upon the mortal world, but only one, only Sun cast warmth upon the mortal world.

For Sun was always laughing.  Always.  And her great warmth came from her perpetual laughter.

Her elder sister, Moon, cast a light that was calming and dim enough to let other lights shine, like the stars and the planets.

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The Fairy Blackberry

It’s quite easy to get into the fairy realm, you see.  They want you to come to them.  They need you to come to them.  So quite easy to get into the fairy realm.  But almost no one gets out.

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The Curse of the Gray Hunger

Three beautiful sisters were they, in those days. They had eyes the color of jade with shades of honey flecked within. They had hair like golden silk. Their lovely smiles were made lovelier still by their dazzling white teeth. As might be expected with beauty so bold, they were envied by many. They were coveted by many. Their mother fretted and feared over that envy and longing. She did not want to lock up her daughters for fear of the world. But one day, her fears came true.

A powerful lord came to desire the sisters. When they refused his advances, he had a warlock curse them. He demanded they be cursed with an eternal hunger for all men. Though his intention was to inflict upon them the same longing that they inspired in him, the warlock’s curse had a different effect. The sisters were afflicted with a hunger not of their hearts or their loins, but of their bellies. For they became consumed with a ravenous hunger for the flesh of man.

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The people came from a far, cold country and settled in kinder lands. When Mynah was born, there was great fanfare, for she was the fifth daughter of a family whose first four daughters had gained great renown with their natural gifts, even in a land full of gifted folk.

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