The Guardians of Gorgulya

“This is what it looks like,” Sig said, handing over the page where he had drawn a picture of the flower he wanted the scouting party—the children—to find. He wanted to go himself, to search for the flower, to seek help in a nearby town, but he had to stay where he was needed. “There may not be many,” he warned, “this close to winter.”

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Where Is Speed’s Shadow?

Lucy anxiously watched Lady Umbersmith set down her cup of tea and scan her guests, the three detectives and then finally Lucy herself. The elderly matron began to speak, her gaze resting on Lucy.

“When a person dies and her soul leaves her body right away, the body remains, just a husk. But while the person lives, the body and soul are linked, entwined, and inseparable. What happens to one happens to the other. If the soul is attacked, the body too feels the effect. It becomes incorporeal, intangible, insensible, silent, invisible.

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