The Elementals Gathered

We think of them as separate. We learn of their natures when we are but small children. Fire burns. Water flows. Earth turns. Air blows.

But as we grow older, we learn that the natures of the great elements are not so separate.

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Jane knew about the salamander. The salamander was capable of regenerating its limbs, to a certain degree. As such, it had been studied by scientists who sought to unlock the secrets of tissue regeneration. Wound-healing in humans was a messy and half-hearted affair and sometimes lead to more harm as useless scar tissue formed where living, operating tissue had once been. The process could go so far as to render an organ completely useless, the only solution being to replace the organ. Even the human liver, with its great capacity for regeneration had its limits. But Jane worked with a particular group of scientists studying the liver and the salamander, who joined with another group who were studying the effects of aging. They believed they had struck upon a treatment, a combination of gene therapy, the application of small doses of radiative energy, stem cells, and even specific bacterial cultures to induce regeneration of wounded tissue.

Jane knew about the salamander. The animal’s mythical association with the element of fire. Fire cleansed and fire sealed. It was a good symbol for their project.

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