Ring Planet One

I am known as Ring to those who know beings by names.

I am a planet-builder.

That is, I am soon to be. The task is imminent. And after eons of watching, studying, and waiting, I am ready for it.

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Nine Wishes in Three Tales

A restless fairy grew bored one day and created a restless trinket, imbuing it with all of the fairy’s magic.  The magic was all bent toward one purpose, to grant the bearer of the trinket three wishes.

The form the trinket first took was as a pendant, which the fairy gave to a human acquaintance with only three instructions…or warnings.

“First, the wish itself will only have power over you.  Second, whenever you make a new wish, the old wish will vanish.  And third, once the final wish is made and granted, the trinket will leave your possession.”

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