The Once-God Rampion

Digital image of a person seen from the back walking away. The person is barefoot and wearing a flowing skirt or dress. Wavy and curling strands of hair in different muted colors flow outward and back from the head, entirely obscuring the top half of the body. One strand on either side is connecting to the tops of trees and appears to be absorbing the trees. A strand on the left is connected to a purple flower with five petals, a rampion bellflower. Hazy foliage frames the bottom half.

She was far too kindly, and therefore looked upon with disdain by her fellow gods.  The other gods feared that the balance of power was being tipped too much toward mortal creatures, to whom the kindly god had given many gifts.  The kindly god argued that what she had given the mortal creatures shifted the balance by such an infinitesimal degree that all the gods could give what little she had given to the mortals, or else she could give all her power, and it still would not equal what the gods possessed. 

To teach her a lesson, the other gods diminished the kindly god by half.  

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The Witch Rampion


The Witch Rampion AltAt the base of the tower, I have grown vines studded with thorns as long as my arm.  Not the dainty thorns of thistle or rose.  But deadly thorns like skewers.  Thorns that grow thorns of their own.  There is no way to climb through them without getting tangled and pierced.  Many a woodland creature have become mired.  I cannot free them.  I can only end their misery and watch as the vines devour them until only bones are left.  It is useless to chop through the vines.  For when they are culled, they grow back within a few heartbeats, thicker than before.  I am protected.  I feed the plant with my own blood.  A drop a day suffices.  For I am no woodland creature.  My blood is full of nourishments beyond that known to beast or man.  My body is a channel for greater powers.  I was not told before I ran away to my tower what I am.  I brought the knowledge with me.  I gathered it as I wandered.  I gathered herbs and I gathered books.  I gathered leaves and dirt and rain.  I gathered powders and tinctures and metals and stones.  One day as a heavy rain fell outside and as my candles flickered, I read the word that my family tried to hide from me.  The word that told me what I am.

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