Kairos and the Phantom

Something terrible had come into the world. Something evil. Invisible, intangible. Some corruption that could not be perceived. And therefore could not be fought. By the time it had a grip on someone, it was too late. The corruption seeped into every part of that person, defiling their heart, twisting their thoughts, draining the very life out of their body.

No land was spared. No person was spared, no matter how pure, how honorable, how fit of body, how courageous of heart. No place was hidden from this corruption.

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Phantom Heart

“See for yourself,” Jacob said, stepping aside.

“Oh, wow.” The young reporter leaned down, her eyes widening. “It’s really beating.”

Jacob smiled at the look on her face. He glanced at the organ behind layers of glass and smiled even wider.

A beating heart. An artificial heart. And he had helped to create it, design it, mold it, and nurture it.

The reporter straightened and though she turned her head slightly towards him, her eyes remained on the heart. “How long has it been going?”

“Three days.”

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