Letter From Self

Three major things will happen to me over the course of the coming year.  I’ll meet someone.  I’ll think he’s wonderful.  He won’t be.  That’s the first thing.  Second, I’ll break my arm in a cowardly attempt to flee from my own responsibilities.  And third, I’ll serve on the crew of the most extravagant ship to ever sail the nine seas, the Glorious. How do I know these things will happen? Because I told myself they would in a letter…a letter that was meant for a future me two years from now, and somehow ended up being delivered to the current me.

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The Queens of Time

“They were known as the Queens of Time,” Gramps said. “There were three of them, one for each of the keys.”

Ryne looked forward and up to where his grandfather pointed. On the wall was a small glass case and mounted inside were three ornate keys. They looked similar, though the designs were slightly different. Each key was made of metal with a polished oval stone set in the middle. One stone was red, like coral or jasper. Another was green like jade. And the third was black, like onyx or obsidian.

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