Through a Sky Gray

Digital painting. Bottom half, a variety of wildflowers and grass. Top half, a solid gray expanse is split at middle by a bright glowing light at top that streams down and expands to the sides to encompass the wildflowers below.

“I want you to teach me how to paint,” Leodoras muttered, rehearsing the words as he strolled down the street that was assigned to his evening patrol.

He gazed up at the monochromatic gray veil of the sky, trying to imagine painting directly onto it, shaking his head at the thought.  There were rumors that said it was possible.  He’d never seen it nor known anyone who’d seen it.  But their realm was vast.  Who was to say there wasn’t a patch of gray that had been painted with swirls of indigo and black, and sprayed with blue-white stars, or brushed with a wide swathe of blue patched with soft diaphanous clouds? 

Better to paint than to pierce, he thought.  Better to live than to die.

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