All the Mirrors Are Broken


“Do you have any missing art supplies?”

The woman standing in the open doorway, still blocking my entrance, blinked at me and said, “What?”

“Art supplies.  Especially high-end supplies.  Maybe some fancy imported ink.  That kind of thing.”

Her gaze dropped briefly—to take in my apparel, I’m guessing—and then she smiled at me, or at least, her mouth smiled at me.

“I’m sorry, Miss, uh—“

“Diamond.”  My mouth also smiled at her. Continue reading

The Mirror of Displacement


sf_w2Perhaps centuries from now, medicine will be able to restore what was lost from injuries such as his. But now, I must turn to practices arcane.

Clara sighed as she watched the ink dry. She sat in the dim basement of the home she shared with her husband, who was working in his office upstairs. It was a chilly autumn day. Yet the basement was temperate. She dipped her quill into the well and continued.

I have built it according to the instruction I found. I have built it with my own hands, against warnings, it is true. But I am a desperate woman. I am a desperate wife. Continue reading

The Mirror of Liriope


Liriope's MirrorMirrors are not to be trifled with.  Once, there were many taboos associated with mirrors.  The taboos became superstitions and the superstitions began to fade.  Some remain in present times.  But once, even children knew that one should never turn one’s back on a mirror.  Even children knew that one should keep a candle or torch nearby when looking in a mirror, even during the daylight.  That one should never crack or break a mirror, and if a mirror should break, one should cover it quickly, gather the pieces and bury them in the ground.  If the mirror was too big for that, then one should flee or else be ready for a terrible battle with a terrible enemy.
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