The Watchers of the Whale

“So what do you think it means?”

The mayor gazed up at the sky and released a long sigh.  “I can’t draw any conclusions based on what I know so far.”  

“Oh, come on, you have to have some thoughts.”

Mayor Joyance glanced over at his newest friend.  She quirked her brows.

“Of course I have thoughts,” he said.  “Just no conclusions.”

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Contest Chevelure

The Contest Chevelure was a time-honored competition held in a modest town in the middle of a modest country.  It was a contest to see who could have the most extravagant and beautiful head of hair.  Only, there was one notable detail.  None of the people in the town had any hair on their heads.  

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The Chosen By Chance Dance

The Sovereign is coming to our town.

We must have entertainments ready.  We must have feats to display.

We must demonstrate the strength and wit and spectacle that she expects from her people.

We must do this all the more because we were not chosen for our merit.  We were chosen by chance. 


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