The Ghost Dogs of Rambleton

In the dim dusky light, a phantom parakeet winged past overhead. Stella smiled and took a deep breath in, hugging the bag in her arms, comforted by its heat. She’d only been home since that morning, back home for the holidays after her first year of college. And while it wasn’t common to see them during the daylight hours, Stella had looked for them. That parakeet was the first ghost she’d seen in a year, and it brought a flood of relief, and a cozy warm feeling.

Now she knew she really was home.

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Mausefalle Manor

Naomi clicked on her recorder, took a deep breath, and asked her grand-aunty Z about the one thing that her mother and grandmother told her to never, ever, never, never, ever ask her about.

“Aunty, what did you see when you went into Mausefalle Manor?  And how is it that you got out when so many other people never did?”

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