The Arcanomen

Who built it, none can now say. The ancestors of our ancestor’s ancestors might have known. But that knowledge—that name—was lost. It faded from memory. It even faded from myth. How it was built, none can now say. When and where it was built, none can now say.

But what the machine was and why it was is a story that still remains in the collective memory of the people who are descended from those who lived in the Age of the Arcanomen.

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The Porphyrion Machine

They went to visit him at night.  They had to.  They could not walk about by day, for the light of the sun was abhorrent to them.

Those words were taken from the writings of a nurse who resided in the town at the foot of the hills, a charming and lively town in modern times.  But steeped in accounts of strange—some say otherworldly—events from only a few generations past. 

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