Tranenbloud Island

Shortly before the world lost contact with Tranenbloud Island, the research team reported that an islander and a member of the team had gone missing, a man and a woman. Both were later found dead and with their reproductive organs missing, presumably devoured.

A few days after that, all communication from the island ceased.

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What do I even do for a living? Gary thought, as he glanced at the stack of business cards on his desk that announced him as Senior Acquisitions Manager. Through the glass doors and partitions, he could see the next meeting going in the room where he had just failed to win over enough review board members to approve his latest proposal.

If only things had gone as he had envisioned in his visualization exercise. He sighed. Not an exercise, his visualization had gone out of hand and become a full-blow daydream. He had marched into that room, the meeting room, no, the throne room. He had marched into the throne room an embattled king, weary but tested and confident, followed by a dozen loyal knights, courteous in his challenge to his nobles to support his latest royal endeavor. At the end of that speech, all had acquiesced and bowed to him. And he had inclined his head to them.

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