Where Is Speed’s Shadow?

Lucy anxiously watched Lady Umbersmith set down her cup of tea and scan her guests, the three detectives and then finally Lucy herself. The elderly matron began to speak, her gaze resting on Lucy.

“When a person dies and her soul leaves her body right away, the body remains, just a husk. But while the person lives, the body and soul are linked, entwined, and inseparable. What happens to one happens to the other. If the soul is attacked, the body too feels the effect. It becomes incorporeal, intangible, insensible, silent, invisible.

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Who Is Sylvia?

“You know who that is, don’t you?”

My partner was testing me again. One year together. And I’d saved his pudgy life twice, but he still thought I must be too young to know about certain things, like what “real” music is and who the gangster lying dead on the floor was. Anyone else and I’d have copped an attitude. But Teo Riley is worthy. And he’d saved my lunatic life four times over the past year.

“Sylvio Milan. Verona Strand’s most notorious crime boss. They called him ‘The Gentleman’ on account of how he doesn’t believe in torture and treats friend and foe alike with honor and dignity in all of his dealings, even the ones that go south.”

“Yeah, he’ll make sure you’ve had a taste of his thousand-dollar wine and imported caviar before he lops your head off.”

“I’ve also heard tell the name is ironic.”

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