Nikola and the Two Crows

There was, in a time not too long past, a youth by the name of Nikola, who walked within a wood beside his town. The paths were well-trodden. Nikola met many whom he met often. He gave and received greeting. He strolled past green leaves and hanging fruit in spring and summer. He strolled past fire-gold leaves in fall and snow-laden branches in winter.

Then, one day, he almost strolled past the most captivating sight he had ever seen in the wood.

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Two Tales of Twisted Tradition

The lady was born with fingernails the color of blood. She was an otherwise beautiful child. Her cheeks were full and soft. Her eyes were warm brown, and they glittered when she laughed, and that was often. Even as a baby, she had glossy auburn hair. She was an otherwise bright child. Even-tempered, quick-witted, keen of thought, and wise of action.

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