The Union of the Spyglass

Not in the beginning, but early in the history of the world, many mortals suspected that the ones who called themselves gods were shirking their duty of properly governing the world. Some responded by entreating the gods. Others by railing against them.

But a few decided to try answering the question of what it was that the gods spent their time doing if they were not doing what was expected.

It was known that the gods lived far above the earth and somewhere below the stars. Their abode was not visible to mortal eyes, but if human sight could be extended, perhaps human eyes could see the comings and goings of the gods, and follow their course to where they landed in the mortal earthly realm.

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A Ladder Into The Clouds

Charlie Sodona, recently on vacation from his soul-sucking job, was back home and enjoying his last day off, unwinding and reviewing all the pictures he’d taken. He expected the post-vacation blues to hit and hoped that looking at the pictures might ease the malaise. He flipped quickly through the pictures of Europe and stopped when he came to pictures of a rainy day. Yesterday, his first day back. After going out and about every day on vacation, and with the impending anxiety of returning to work, the thought of being indoors felt like a waste of a day off. And something about being free to do what he wanted to do in his own home town brought a surge of inexplicable hope.

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