Six Days of Love

Greetings! I highlight six stories about romantic love in this post.Here’s a quick trailer. (I’ve moved my goofy intro video to the bottom). [Video description: Trailer. Duration 31 seconds. Music plays: Casual Arcade Track #2 (looped) from GameDev Market. No sound effects. Eight slides appear. Between each is a blur transition. First, center image of […]

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Six Fools and the Dragon

Six fools ran from the dragon’s fire, but only one of them was her husband.

There was the wizard in blue robes with a green-jeweled magic staff. There was the armored knight who bore a shield that guarded against flame. There was the jungle barbarian and the mystical fire-cat. There was the sprightly archer. And then there was the mustachioed scoundrel, who had assembled them all. His beloved wife had been lost to an enchantment, an enchantment that was impossible to break. Impossible, that is, for a single man, even if he were a devoted spouse.

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The Three Circles

Not long ago, there was a rich land ruled by an assembly of three known as a Triarch. Always there were three. One had a claim of blood. One was chosen by the people of the land. And one was selected by the other two. But all had to prove themselves worthy. All had to prove victorious, both standing alone and standing together, in a contest devised by a king who feared that his realm would pass to an unworthy heir.

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The Ghostly Knight of Thessa

I watched the road from my hiding place in the linden tree. I had an advantage over the other scribes in town when it came to finding news, for I had a friend who could travel faster than the fastest stallion, and who could stand unnoticed in the midst of a crowd. And she was flying towards me now, glowing dimly like a wilowisp. Juniper’s glow had a touch more green than yellow, however, for she was a sprite.

For the past fortnight, we two had been tracking the whereabouts of the mysterious rider who was said to guard the roads in and out of Thessa, a major town in the southern region. Rumors of this shadowy guardian had drawn me to the town. The rumors were becoming a local legend. Yet no one thus far had even verified that the rider existed. He wore a suit of dark armor, it was said, and sometimes he growled so thunderingly that the flesh did quiver and the bones did tremble.

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