A Proximite and a Human

Digital drawing. At middle, a human man sitting on the ground, facing forward, turned slightly to right of frame, wearing jacket, pants, and boots. His left leg is draw up and his hand rests on his knee. His right leg is extended but partially bent. A bandage is wrapped around his right thigh. His right palm is pressed to the ground beside him, supporting his weight. His face is looking down. Two characters hover beside him at the level of his head. At left, a sphere. Near the bottom of the sphere are two recesses with domed tops and flat bottoms. Within the recesses are smaller spheres, giving the effect of eyes. Next to one eye, from a circular recess, a jointed appendage made of rods and nodes extends down. Liquid leaks from two of the recesses. At right, a face divided into three parts with one eye, one nose, and a mouth on each part. Each part is elongated. Eyebrows appear both above and below each eye. Straight wrinkles appear at the forehead and on each nose.

“We’ve chosen you because you’re just a couple of ordinary transport technicians,” the unfamiliar transport chief said.  “And for one other reason.  Proximites and humans are both relatively fragile species—no offense—when it comes to space travel.  But here on solid earth…well, you’re still fragile, but you have certain qualities that come in handy should there be any problems with this particular prisoner.”

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