The Final Monster I Fight

The final monster I fight. It won’t be long now.

Curses and cures. Curses and cures.

I’ve tried everything. Like most people in my position.

Everything reasonable that is. I didn’t think I’d run out of options this soon. I only started seeing the signs a couple of weeks ago. Of course I’ve known it was coming, but I also hoped…I might be one of the exceptions.

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Happy Anniversary, Forever

What if you knew that you only had twenty-five years to live, safely and surely, but you would be alone, watching your death approach, unable to escape it?And what if you knew that whatever you did or accomplished in that time would most certainly never be known by the rest of your people?  So you won’t be leaving behind a legacy of observations and musings.  Not even raw data collected by the sensors will make it out.  What would you do?  Who would you be?Do you think you’d last?Do you think I will last?

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The House of Frogs

There were five great mages from the House of Frogs who mastered magic that they used to serve their fellow humans. Their House was named for the animal their founders chose as their totem. The reason was long forgotten by the time these five mages came to be. They too used totems to perform their magic sometimes. Sometimes they would even give the totems to people afterward as tokens of remembrance or good luck. And some believed a bit of magic remained in those totems.

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