The Lake of the Nightmare Cat

“So it’s agreed, if we see a cat—any cat—we flee.” The brown rat with the black spot upon her pink nose nodded at her two partners.

The black rat with the long swishing tail nodded his head in return. The rat with fur the color of storm clouds twitched her whiskers.

All three boarded the little ship made of twig and stone, bound by fibers, sealed with resin, and thrice-blessed by their elders.

The ship was named for what its crew desired to be, Invisible.

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The Galactic Analyst

I noticed him seeming to notice me, and I found that so unlikely that I almost frowned.  I was extremely skilled at remaining unnoticed.  The Queen of the Hollow Yellow Moon had once proclaimed that I had the power to turn invisible.  Of course, there’s no such thing.  At least, I haven’t come across any such thing in my work so far.

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