The Choco-human

Mallory Function noticed the various involuntary reflex reactions of the biological humanoids passing around and by her in the school quad at lunchtime: the flushed cheeks, the pupil dilations, the lack of saliva, the excess of perspiration, the curling of antennae, the whipping and flicking of various tails. She smiled her mechanical smile.

She had, of course, just figured it out.

Humanoid Romantic Love Day approached, and the students of Roy G. Biv High School located in Grid 7 on Central Planet Earth, were in a tizzy about what they called the upcoming “HRLD Hop” or the “Harold Hop.”

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Flight of the Stegosaur

The stegosaur watched the beetle flick open its hard outer wings and extend the flight wings underneath. She watched the beetle launch himself into the air and hover, floating to and fro before he droned away. She watched in study of the beetle’s ability. And she watched in envy of the beetle’s ability.

She heard pebbles shifting behind her, but she did not turn.

“You’re looking in the wrong direction,” a voice said.

The stegosaur smiled and swung her head around.

“If you want to fly, there’s the way,” said the little limusaurus. She tossed her head back as she strode over to the stegosaur.

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