The Lamplight Apparition

To see her return in this way. Is it any worse than losing her altogether? I don’t know.

My hands are shaking. I can barely…

The more she lingers, the more I wonder if this is really her.

The bright blue eyes are watching, always watching.

They are her eyes.

But she’s not in them.

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The Everyday God Who Wished To Sleep

A tale was once told among the ancestors of the people who live at the base of the great mountain to the north, from which a waterfall plummets into a river that winds across the land.  The people who now live in that rich and lovely place still remember the tale of how and why their ancestors’ hearts once grew still and frigid.  And they still remember what part the everyday gods played in the tale.

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Phantom Heart

“See for yourself,” Jacob said, stepping aside.

“Oh, wow.” The young reporter leaned down, her eyes widening. “It’s really beating.”

Jacob smiled at the look on her face. He glanced at the organ behind layers of glass and smiled even wider.

A beating heart. An artificial heart. And he had helped to create it, design it, mold it, and nurture it.

The reporter straightened and though she turned her head slightly towards him, her eyes remained on the heart. “How long has it been going?”

“Three days.”

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