King Midian and His Glove of Gold

A baby girl was born to the king and queen. Their first child. Many visitors came to the castle to see the newborn heir. Among them was an elven traveler who went by the name of Fall. All the visitors brought gifts, most for the baby, but some for the king or queen. Some gifts were humble. Some were precious. The elven traveler brought a gift so precious that he asked to see the king in private so that he may deliver the gift.

The king, whose named was Midian, granted this audience, for the best gifts that had so far been received were from the faery folk.

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A Gildenfaere’s Gift

We called them the Gildenfaere. The golden horse-birds. Once there were thousands upon the earth and in the skies. On the earth they galloped and in the skies they soared. And always they were wild. And we who have only two legs and two arms could never tame them.

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