Silent Serpent Under Sea

“Some of the tunnels in other regions have been closed. Some even filled in. We’re lucky that the ones in our region have not.”

“The magic shoring up these walls is ancient, Gramps. Are you sure it’s safe for us to be down here?”

“You’re the one who wanted me to bring you,” my grandfather said. “Anyway, I thought young eyes would be sharper.” My grandfather banged his fist against a seam of enchantment. It glowed a bright turquoise in response. New magic. The afterglow softened to a whisper of pink that signified the ancient magic that I had just doubted.

My young eyes traveled up to the low arched ceiling of the tunnel, the transparent ceiling past which I saw nothing but darkness, and the occasional shadow flitting by, belonging to the strange and hardy creatures that somehow lived at the bottom of the deepest ocean.

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I didn’t feel scared, really.  I should have.  I thought about calling out to my parents.  But I decided not to.  That would scare them.  I didn’t want to scare them for nothing.  Especially since I wasn’t scared.  I should have been.  Maybe it’s because I thought I was dreaming.  A really vivid dream.

Really vivid.

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