Ritual of the Thirteen Eyes

“The eyeballs don’t have to be human,” Jamie said.

This was one of those times that made me wonder, Why am I still friends with Jamie?

“Have you seen a single horror movie?” I asked. “Or—I don’t know—delved into human history? Every single time people mess with forces they don’t understand, it bites them in the butt. Or worse. Much, much worse.”

“This isn’t a movie.”

“Hold on, let me write that down, so I can tell the guy who carves your headstone.”

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The Celestial Gobbler

My mom opened the flaps of the cardboard box and started pulling stuff out as I hovered next to her.  I didn’t trust her to remember that I needed the box.

“Our teacher gave us a weird assignment,” I said.  “He wants us to make a

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