Stranded in Shadow

“Just spotted our new neighbor getting in,” Felicia said in a low voice, as she passed me on the sofa and set our groceries on the kitchen counter.

I paused the show I was watching. “Did you get a good look this time? Is he…?”

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The Eye in My Ceiling

I thought it was a reflection at first. Not the moon. Some streetlight or something, from outside, getting past my curtains. I was too lazy, too sleepy to get up and deal with it. But I do remember thinking it was strange.

Isn’t the light too bright to be a reflection? I thought, peeking up at the ceiling.

I do remember resisting the urge to rub my eyes. I wanted to take a closer look.

Did I just see something floating in the light?

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The Celestial Gobbler

My mom opened the flaps of the cardboard box and started pulling stuff out as I hovered next to her.  I didn’t trust her to remember that I needed the box.

“Our teacher gave us a weird assignment,” I said.  “He wants us to make a

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