Brain in the Window

Look, I was just innocently walking by. A car was in the driveway, so I knew someone was home. I only walked around to the side of the house, because I thought I might see Bob or Elise and give ‘em a wave. Just a small thing to make them feel welcome in the neighborhood.

Janet and I had been talking about bring them a casserole or something, but then we started considering food aversions and allergies, and…well anyway, we ended up not doing anything.

I didn’t want to look like I was snooping, so I kept walking, slowly, as I peeked through the kitchen window.

And that’s when I saw something that stopped me right in my tracks.

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The Map of All Worlds

I have seen the tears of a unicorn. I have squinted through shielded lenses to watch bright white stars spinning out plasma. I have seen the battle of mouse armies. I have seen the glowing green heart of the oldest oak in my home realm.

A map led me to all of these and more. Not a static map drawn on a scroll or printed on glossy pages in an atlas. Not even the sometimes-changing ethereal maps created on the worldwide web. This map was ever-changing. It drew itself. It did not learn or know. It simply appeared when commanded to, if the commands were the right commands. Technology, enchantment.

It all started with a scavenger hunt.

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