The Elementals Gathered

We think of them as separate. We learn of their natures when we are but small children. Fire burns. Water flows. Earth turns. Air blows.

But as we grow older, we learn that the natures of the great elements are not so separate.

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The Smiling Fishwife

Once, there was a fisherman who was dissatisfied with his wife because she was always complaining and frowning. The fisherman had no friends, for he never went to the market at the village square. His wife was the one who sold the fish he caught. So he poured out his misery when he went out on the waters to do his fishing. When that made him tired, he would go silent and that’s when the fish would come. For when he complained, the noise frightened the fish, but when was silent, they would come near and see his lures, and his lures were quite enticing.

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I can hear it moving, I think. It’s hard to tell with the other noises. A car whooshing by sometimes. Some cat moving through the bushes outside. A neighbor went to the bathroom a few minutes ago. I jerked when I heard the sound of the water moving through the pipes. If I squeeze my eyes shut and focus, I think I can hear it breathing.

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