Renegade in the Demon Dimension

You might say it’s inadvisable to purposefully traverse into the demon dimension.

In truth, you might say it’s madness.

But the Renegade doesn’t take sightseers. Her mission, her mandate, is not mockery.

That would indeed be madness. To mock a single demon.

Much less an entire realm full of them.

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Stranded in the Green and Gold

Day 1
The other passenger’s name is Elena.  She’s younger than me, by a decade, so I should be comforting her, taking charge.  But then, there’s just two of us.  So we’re more like partners in this thing.  I’m using my journal to start documenting.  She had the same thought, but she’s going to use her computer and phone.  We checked the overhead bins, and no one else’s luggage is there.  Just ours.

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A Coat for Many Dimensions

Aunt Mariya was an alchemist, and she wanted to travel to other dimensions, beginning with the dimension just above our own.  She believed that there were many versions of our world, and that each person traveled through all of these versions before arriving at their ultimate home, which she merely called the afterworld.

When she was asked what sort of device or vehicle she proposed to build to take her to these other dimensions, she gave an unexpected answer. 

She would make a coat.

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All the Mirrors Are Broken

“Do you have any missing art supplies?”

The woman standing in the open doorway, still blocking my entrance, blinked at me and said, “What?”

“Art supplies.  Especially high-end supplies.  Maybe some fancy imported ink.  That kind of thing.”

Her gaze dropped briefly—to take in my apparel, I’m guessing—and then she smiled at me, or at least, her mouth smiled at me.

“I’m sorry, Miss, uh—“

“Diamond.”  My mouth also smiled at her.

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