A Coat for Many Dimensions

Aunt Mariya was an alchemist, and she wanted to travel to other dimensions, beginning with the dimension just above our own.  She believed that there were many versions of our world, and that each person traveled through all of these versions before arriving at their ultimate home, which she merely called the afterworld.

When she was asked what sort of device or vehicle she proposed to build to take her to these other dimensions, she gave an unexpected answer. 

She would make a coat.

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The Nowhere Coat

“What’s special about this one?” Tim asked his employer. The seller had spun a story about it having belonged to a musketeer. Tim didn’t know and didn’t need to know whether that was true or not to do his job.

Tim’s employer set his cane down on the table and carefully folded open the paper packaging. He gazed down at the long coat. He was wearing gloves as usual despite the mild, if overcast, weather. He slipped the glove off his right hand and reached out to touch the coat’s dusty faded lapel.

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