A Brief Case of Dread

The man stared at the briefcase lying on his desk, wondering if his visitor would dare to open it, and wake what slept within.

If that little green man was the only thing that slept within, the man would have thumbed in the combination, and clicked open the clasps. He would have been already smiling as he lifted the lid and caught a glimpse of the little toy that his little daughter had put in there for him.

But just the memory of the whispered warnings was enough to prickle the hairs on the back of his neck. The most frightening words were the first ones.

They are angry.

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The Prince’s Proxy

The king was cruel, both to his daughter and to her suitors. For he was not content for her to be wooed by gifts or by lineage. He devised a contest, a deadly contest, for all who wished to try and win the princess’s hand. She would one day be queen of a rich and prosperous realm by the sea. And the one who stood by her side would share in those riches and that prosperity.

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