Scuttlebutt Detective Agency

“If it’s not our case, it’s not our business,” Catch said.

Pinny narrowed her keen feline eyes. “Who are you? And what have you done with my friend Catchpenny?”

Dear friends they were, as similar as they were different. Catchpenny, an alligator lizard, Pincushion, a shorthaired cat, and Ramekin, a cecropia moth. They had just opened a business that would put their best skills and talents to use: observation, discussion, and conclusion. In other words, investigation. Private investigation.

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Astral Andie is Angry

“How long has it been…since I closed my eyes?” I asked.

The medical technician sitting beside my cot offered me a business-like smile and said, “Just about thirty-seven minutes.”

I frowned.  It had felt longer to me.  Almost two hours.  I had a crick in my neck.  The cot wasn’t very comfortable.  They didn’t want me to accidentally fall asleep.  I sat up and swung my legs around so I was sitting at the edge of the cot.

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Alora and the Dream Sand

It figures, she thought.

One of the containers was full of sand. A kind of pretty black glittery sand. And not the crispy savory steamy dumplings that Alora had dreamt of since leaving work that evening with the smallest of coffee stains on her collar.

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