Forge of the Forsaker

We are descended from a powerful people. So it is said. The most powerful our world has ever known. Their might unmatched. Their domain unending. Their eyes all-seeing.

I am nothing next to them. I am a blade of grass underfoot. A mayfly blinking in and out of existence.

A mortal.

But today I will discover if there are forces in the world mightier than the gods.

For today is the day I bring them down.

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Unstable Blood

Too much blood. Too much blood is dripping. He’ll smell it. He’ll find me.

Once again, she stopped for a moment and leaned against a wall under the flashing red bulbs and the piercing alarm. She inhaled and drew the blood back into her body through the poorly sealed gash that arced over her shoulder. A dozen rivulets trickled up her bare arm.

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The Temple of the Gentle

The single drop of blood from a being that we call a god abides in the Temple of the Gentle. It abides there and must abide for all time, or until the end of time. For if anything were to happen to that one drop of blood, my kingdom and every single living and un-living thing in my kingdom would fall.

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