Gliese on Earth

I reached out to the meteorite, a rocky mass with atypical glowing purple patches, knowing it might be the last thing I ever did on Earth.

It didn’t crash. It landed. It landed in a specific place.

Right in the middle of a major metropolitan area.

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Sal Saturn and the Planetary Rangers

In the year 2025, humanity received an answer to one of its most fundamental questions: “Are we alone in the universe?”

Only one thousand standard years later, unnoticeable and unfathomable to the greatly aged cosmos, a galactic alliance was formed, a coalition of inhabited worlds bound together in cooperation, friendship, and mutual progress. The Grand Unified Milky Way. The G.U.M. was protected by the Milky Way Planetary Rangers, whose members hailed from every planet in the alliance, and whose mission was to patrol within and outside the borders of their home, the galaxy the Earth humans charmingly named the Milky Way.

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Star Cloud Descendant

That day, I was outside with my mom admiring the flowers in her garden when I spotted it, or them actually. Two ships in the sky just under the cottony clouds. The strange ships were next to each other and seemed to be separate and yet joinable, like modules. They were so low I could see details, markings on the hull. I thought I should go get my brother and show him. He’d appreciate the awesomeness of the sight far more than my mother. When I pointed up at the sky, she merely shaded her eyes and looked up, acknowledged with a half-hearted mumble, and went back to her watering. But I knew it would happen. By the time I ran into the house and got him outside, the ships were gone. I don’t know why I had made such a big deal about it. He went inside right before the next sight in the sky happened. I kept watching as the clouds that had been above the strange ships condensed and spread and contracted until they made a single shape, a five-pointed star.

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The Promethians

They’re a lot like us. The Promethians. That’s not what they call themselves, but I could never really pronounce (or spell) the proper word, so I call them the Promethians. And others started calling them that too. Because after all, they gave us fire.

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