The Distant Proximity

“We’re receiving a Proximity alert, I take it.” Jora walked in and leaned over the console, scanning the incoming stream of data.

“They really should have called it something else,” I said, as I started up the retrieval protocol.


“I mean it’s confusing.”


I swiveled my chair toward her. “Does it mean it’s closer or farther away?”

Jora glanced over at me and grinned. “If you don’t know that, how did you get assigned to this station?”

I shrugged. “I’m sure the person who hired me knew what they were doing.”

She elbowed me lightly. “I hope I did.”

I swiveled back to the console and continued handling the incoming data. “You did. Trajectory just came in. It’s not headed to Earth…this time.”

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Anomaly Valley

The grass is purple in that valley.  And the sky is green.  That’s how you will know that you have reached the entrance to the vault.

I never really expected those words from an ancient myth to guide me on this failed expedition.  And it was failed because even if I found the vault, even if I managed to enter it and lay my eyes on what lay within, I would never find my way out again.

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The Plotz Hole

“Ah yes, the age-old story of the rebellious kid with a heart of gold who steals some mad scientist’s project, which happens to be some mutated creature that seems menacing at first, but gets cuter and cuter over time as we get to know him.  Come on, Rogers, don’t you have anything original?”

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Attack of the Giant Cyclops Worm

Janet’s eyes widened when she saw the four-eyed, green-antennaed, maroon-skinned biped before her that only nominally resembled one of her students.  They were waiting in the wings, fifteen minutes out from the start of the next act.  She could already hear people shuffling back into the auditorium from intermission, greeted by sound checks from the kids who were manning the mixing desk.

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The Fall of the Mirror-god

If we break the mirror barrier, we would have even greater control over the transformations between matter and energy than ever before. For this knowledge, we humbly ask our new friends from beyond the known stars.

The only worthy god is a fallen god. Because a fallen god must walk the mortal path. Only a fallen god can be stung by nettles, or lashed by biting winds, or blistered by fire, or embraced by the love of a stranger.

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