Showdown at the Cinna-bar

A crew assigned to repossess a precious and undefined item end up in the midst of a suspicious bar fight in a far-off sector of space.

Music: “Cyberjazz Nights” by Tao and Sound

Video description

Video Description: “Showdown at the Cinna-Bar” Trailer. Duration, 42 seconds. “Cyberjazz Nights” by Tao and Sound. Digital drawing. Façade of a one-story building that is hovering in outer space. The main building has a single central door, covered by a domed awning, and flanked by two windows, above which is a large sign that reads “Cinna-bar.” Attached on the right are two smaller rooms or extensions. Attached to the left is an awning open to space. On the roof at right is a satellite dish or receiver, and at left are three columns. A walkway flanked with lights leads to the main entrance. The whole structure is stabilized by six visible thrusters. At upper right is a hovering sign that reads “Cinna-bar” with a lighted arrow beneath pointing to the building. Beams of translucent light in various colors shoot out of the windows at various angles. Clusters of stars are visible at bottom right and upper left corners. Title card with the words “Short Story” and “Genre: Science Fiction,” is displayed at top. Tagline is displayed at bottom. It reads: “A crew assigned to repossess a precious and undefined item end up in the midst of a suspicious bar fight in a far-off sector of space.” Title card and tagline fade. A watermark of the word “storyfeather” appears over the image. Lines from the story appear in sequence: “Laser blasts everywhere. Screaming and yelling. Distracting me. I was lying behind the bar now.  Artificial gravity was glitching. Liquor was floating, dripping, and splashing everywhere. Glass was smashing and crashing. Yeah, the vastness of space is scary, but the vastness of death…is scarier.” Some of the text is animated, dropping down or flying forward out of view. Blobs of liquid drip up and down when the line about liquor appears. And a line drawing of glass shatters and fades when the line about glass appears. Site URL appears at bottom right throughout and fades at end. As the last line disappears, the image blurs and darkens, the story title appears at center, and a text card appears at top that reads “Available to Read Now”

Welcome to Year 9 of Storyfeather

Every year’s short stories (mostly) follow a theme. This year, I will turn the Wheel of Fiction to help me decide what to write. There are thirteen spokes on this wheel. Eight are occupied by the eight themes from the previous years of stories. One is a prompt to turn the wheel again. One is a wildcard (hmm…curious). And three are covered only in question marks. I suppose I’ll find out what’s beneath those questions as we go along.

Welcome to the WHEEL OF FICTION

The Wheel of Fiction landed on Wildcard. I went through my various card games and found one I haven’t yet played, “Gloom in Space.” When flipping through the cards, one of them caught my attention. It was titled, “Quarrel in the Cantina,” and the bottom read “Looks like you’re barred from the bar.” That seemed an intriguing start to a story. Why would my heroes be banned from a bar?  What were they doing there?  Are they criminals?  Did they start something?  Or did they just get caught in the cross-fire?  Did they end up in a desperate situation that required them to do something that would get them “barred from bar?”

Video description

Video Description: Duration, 7 seconds. Choice wheel made on the Spin the Wheel application. Thirteen spokes or slices in various colors, labeled as follows, clockwise from the top: Objects of Power (the “of Power” is not visible), Prompts, Definitions, Turn Again, Elements, Creatures, S.T.E.A.M., Wildcard, Revisitation, Music, Challenge, Draw!!!, Traveler. The title at top reads “The Wheel of Fiction V4” and below that the words “Spin the wheel.” Below that is a label on left, “Spin date: 8/3/22,” and a label at right, “Story: 9/5/22.” At top left corner is a flag icon labeled with the letter “F.” This represents a function of the application which interferes with true randomness by reducing the probability of receiving the same choice twice in a row. The wheel turns and lands on WILDCARD. As the wheel stops spinning, a cartoon building facade appears at center and and emits ragged bursts of light in two directions.

Genre: Science Fiction


Portal Button. Elongated rectangle with rings of colored light emanating from the center. Text appears over the rings, reading "Storyfeather Year 9" and below it in larger font, "Wheel of Fiction."

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