A photograph of a smiling Nila from shoulders up.
I’m Nila

I have stories to tell you! The Storyfeather Gazette is a monthly round-up of my latest short sci-fi and fantasy fiction that you can read on my site or listen to in my podcast.

Also included, musings on books and podcasts I’m currently into, sporadic writing tips, announcements about new Storyfeather happenings. Best of all, trailers. Who doesn’t love trailers?

Square composite image of the artwork for three of the featured stories. At top left five figures from left to right, a seagull blasting energy from the beak, a lizard, a human holding her hands before her with a glowing ball hovering between, a leaping frog, and a unicorn. At middle right, a cloaked woman hold a bat with outspread winds in her left hand. At bottom left, seven figures, most in uniform, on the bridge of a spaceship, one at center, sits in a chair, one is attacking with a weapon, while others respond in fear or readiness. Behind the individual images, the background peeks through with portions of the main images in monotone.

A sparkling skull, a perilous potion, sweet sea creatures, and heavenly hand fans

FEATURE COLUMN: A look back at seven stories that pay homage to stuff I loved as a youth (and even now), like stickers and “Star Trek.”


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Square composite, images of several science fiction stories from the first ten years of Storyfeather. Clockwise from upper right: A man in an old-fashioned diving suit crouched and looking at a skeletal hand; a rooster looking at a forearm with a large gash along it; a young man standing with hands on hips, flanked by a young woman and a dog, both of whom are shooting lasers from their eyes, and all three of them stand in front of a large bowl of ice cream with three scoops; silhouette of a queen ant; three kids sitting behind a laptop and in front of a banana tree with a several magenta colored peels; and at center, a woman with arms outstretched, emanating bolts of lightning or electricity.

Strange space spiders, a foxy cryptid, mysterious medical mishaps, and the power of crochet

FEATURE COLUMN: A look back at my science fiction stories that explore a variety of topics and disciplines from microbiology to food science to biomaterials.


Square composite image of the digital drawings from the four June 2023 short stories. Clockwise from top left: several ghostly armless humanoids, one seated at center flanked by a robot and a metal-vegetable being, on a lunar landscape set with screens displaying various images; a woman in a lab coat holding a string tied to a floating sheep, while people flee, and other sheep fall from the sky; a cat, lizard, and moth in trenchcoats and fedora hats in an office examining an object; and two girls, one robed and half turned to chocolate and the other appearing to be made of a bronze-like metal.

A teenage mage, a feline detective, floating sheep, and ghostly pantaloons

FEATURE COLUMN: A look back at my versions of classic fairy tales.


Square composite image of the digital drawings from the four May 2023 short stories. Clockwise from top left: a strange bird with rodent ears and a segmented chest; eight rats with their tails tied in the center and one wearing a crown; wooden table and chair in front of a window with a sword hung on the stone wall, bearing a mask of tragedy on the pommel; and a smirking man dressed in a pigeon costume with hands on hips.

Powerful pigeons, kingless rats, a mythical stork, and a deadly thorn


Square composite image of the digital drawings from the five April 2023 short stories. Clockwise from top left: a young man running through a burning forest with two crows flying beside him; a humanoid creature with long ears, a furry body, and butterfly wings lying atop a panel; a ghostly fairy floating over flower-covered hills; a cloaked and crowned fairy with blade-like wings; and an ogre woman with pointed ears and two canine teeth protruding up from her jaw with a guard standing beside her.

A pixie is loose on a space station, an ogre allows an autopsy, and wings for everyone!


Square composite image of the digital drawings from the four March 2023 short stories. Clockwise from top left: triplet women standing facing forward in different attire and postures; a statue of a snake curled around a succulent set on an open notebook with text partially visible; an archway flanked by shelves full of items leading down a barren dirt road; and a woman crouched beside the faint outline of a body lying on the floor that's radiating bright wavy lines.

Serpent statues, triple trouble, and a forensic psychic


Square composite image of the digital drawings from the four February 2023 short stories. Clockwise from top left, a human figure with crossed arms and butterfly wings with butterflies fluttering overhead, a woman looking down at three mugs with different designs, a split screen of a young man first frowning down at cauliflower then smiling down at cake, and a hand holding up a pomegranate that's cut to show the inside in front of a pomegranate tree.

Magical ovens and mythical seeds, cakes that are fake and murderous deeds


Vertical rectangle composite image of the digital drawings from the five January 2023 short stories. Clockwise from top left, a cougar-like creature with a looping tail and thorny back sitting on a rock, a crouching werewolf with red eyes, a black cow with glowing blue horns, an island shaped like a crab, and a bird with nine visible heads and a long tail midflight.

Cryptids, monsters, demons, fairies, and specters



Square composite image of the digital drawings from the four December 2022 short stories. Clockwise from top left, a girl facing forward behind an open book with the cover covered in stickers, a hand holding five fanned out tarot card, a branch which an earthworm, gecko, and crow are perched, and an open mouth from which stones, feathers, and wasps are emerging.

Words are wasps, weapons, and tools, from the mouths of babes and the mouths of fools


Square composite image of the digital drawings from the four November 2022 short stories. Clockwise from top left, two people wearing uniforms floating and looking surprised, a comet passing over a dome with four towers inside, a whale-like creature about to close jaws on a tiny space vessel, six fairy beings gathered around a bubbling pot of food.

Sulfur-smoking eels and massive tide-whales, what some people will brave to get the “perfect” gift


Banner image, composite of the digital drawings from the five October 2022 stories. Clockwise from top left, a glamorous vampire in sparkling attire, an open briefcase in outer space, two girls with fangs in letterman jackets, a brain on a platter, and at center, an apparition with living eyes, lips, and heart.

Brains, veins, hearts and other parts…mwa ha ha!


Digital drawing. Façade of a one-story building that is hovering in outer space. The main building has a single central door, covered by a domed awning, and flanked by two windows, above which is a large sign that reads “Cinna-bar.” Attached on the right are two smaller rooms or extensions. Attached to the left is an awning open to space. On the roof at right is a satellite dish or receiver, and at left are three columns. A walkway flanked with lights leads to the main entrance. The whole structure is stabilized by six visible thrusters. At upper right is a hovering sign that reads “Cinna-bar” with a lighted arrow beneath pointing to the building. Beams of translucent light in various colors shoot out of the windows at various angles. Clusters of stars are visible at bottom right and upper left corners.

Having a gut wound while the artificial gravity is failing…not good.